Monday, December 17, 2007

to the blue ridge mountains i go!

what a month! i found out i was accepted to a letterpress residency at the penland school of crafts for the month of january! i'm super amped to work on a couple projects i've been contemplating. one is a book of tools the other will be altars to bacteria. talking with folk about bacteria to consider, bookbinding, and doing research has been awesome.

in other news, a few friends and i launched a design + build business called studio 247b. we're out in point richmond and looking to take your money! right now we've got a couple gigs for the lindsey wildlife museum in walnut creek and we finished up a reception desk for maru salon. some pics from our lil shopwarming.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

danish anyone?

who wouldn't want to fall into bed with these gorgeous bedclothes!!! dorte agergaard jensen designed these fabrics with slouchy comforters, chairs, and furries. mmmm

Sunday, October 28, 2007

hugging wood

ok, so that doo, who was featured with amanda hughen down there...his name's michael meyers. he has these paper cutouts that hug wood like carnivorous plants and caterpillars. i love those hairy beasts. hmmm, i guess the paper isn't so hairy, but i think you get the picture.

exploding nebula

can nebula explode? i don't really know, but Amanda Hughen's "Disparate Classification " sure seems about to go there. i was down at the johansson projects and saw these beautes along with some wooden sculptures evoking tubas, starbursts and futuristic barbells. alas, the geometry along with the freehand painting really makes me want to dive into this bacteria project i've been pondering. big, multi-layered microscopic level buggas. or on cloth or leather and sewn up into 3d objets. perhaps a hand...or tree stump...more pondering.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

holy crapola

crikey jim, i donno what this girl is smoking, but it is hot sniff glue!!!!!! tiffany bozic i love you! fellow oaktowner, frickin' amazing paintings. making me sick sick sick, barf. blech.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

reduce, reuse, red hott...err green cuddly

popping into atomic garden today was a godsend. too bad their websito isn't up yet. these bags by jack & marjorie are amazing. army canvas, tapestries, lace, leather, hell yes! boy peter is mine, MINE...soon i hope. anypoops, this new store is all about sustainable, organic bloopity and i love it. white painted antique floors, retro velo, old wooden dry cleaner hangers, peruvian hats knitted by papas para sus ninos, former indian prostitute turned entrepreneur pajama princess, south african community crafts. yeah, i'm buying into the green industrial wave, as much as i might want to be a rebel, how can you deny the hottness of these bags? waka!

Monday, September 17, 2007

cookie monster

the cooks are having a baby! so their lil' pet human will thus forth be called cookie monster. was planning on making a smock, but it turned into a dress. c'est la vie, non?

Monday, September 10, 2007

tede design

me so green. envy...tetsushi and kristina have started their own design studio/cafe/gallery. ummm, where was i when they started construction? eeps, eeps, i gotta go!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

row row row

ok, row your boat with your dutchtub in tow. weirdos. why not just row your tub? well, anypoo, this is fun entertainment, you can bbq your steaks while soaking up the night skies and managing your own dutch oven (snickerdoodles). so i suppose you don't have to row this with you, but the marketing on this jam is pretty funny. imagine corporate events with these boppers all around...

Friday, August 24, 2007

spikes and library fantasies

mr. chayablahblahsillupsin forwarded me this link to truck furniture, a japanese enterprise. i love these iron nails. iron nails are making a comeback. i found some awesome old railroad tie nails numbered and everthang that i want to incorporate into some sort of drawer unit. truck also has some library inspired pieces that are swaying my stiff librarian hips. maybe the next deco move is to make my space a biblioteca. replete with card catalog. spot gave my dorky bum a library card set to keep track of my minimal stash. i can't wait to geek out, toss my spectacles to the sky and rip my prim cardigan to shreds. oh my!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

furry feet

finally got back to kinokuniya bookstore. after that layover in narita last month, i've been fiending for more japanese printed goods. this little find is a bit sugary, but the layout just makes you want to scoop everythang up and hug the felted goodness.

nihon elle deco

japanese magazines, kawai-ya! (i don't even know if that makes sense) the dot wall reminds me of the box game, you know, the one where you connect 2 dots and then it's your opponent's turn and the goal is to close as many boxes as possible. why does this sound like the ole' notches on the belt paradigm...

allora, greenhouse living room, what!?! i didn't capture the cloches over irish moss, but i'm a bit obsessed with mosses. they're so fun to pet like wee chillun's heads. slight bounce, soft tufts, moisturizing.

and that bird down there...desire it i do.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

bird muffin horse

to the left of the manzanita twigs lies an oiseau that hannah made about 5 years back...ok, more like 7 years back. yesterday, a friend came by and asked how old the artist was of said bird. he thought maybe it was the work of a 7 year old. pshaw! she is the owner of her own business and i think her ability to make her work appear as free and loose as a wee one is inspiring indeed.

on another winged note, our neighbor kate introduced us to my new favorite: bird muffin horse. if you love giving people arbitrary identifications like me, this'll keep you entertained for years. basically you determine what combination of the three that fits a specific person. the example was given that john kerry=triple horse, i say feist is bird bird horse. try it on for size, you may like it.

millefiori zuccherati

miss byun was so kind to bring some papabubble delights back from barcelona, lucky me! they remind me of venetian paperweights as they're basically the same technique, but so much more delicious.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

argento tic tic tock

i think i might need this saw ring for my sawed off fingers... my madre y yo, we went to the craft council's sf show at fort mason and i loved connie verrusio's work. she's a self-proclaimed packrat and has created some whimsical pieces with watch parts, locks, and various hardware. my faves are measuring devices cast in sterling as bracelets and rings.

woody aroma

veneer coffee cup holders/cuff bracelets!!! bentwood by contexture design workshop is cranking these cuffs out and i think they'd feel super nice, especially with the heat from your bebida caliente. sip it slowly folks.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


i'm not quite sure what this place is, art studio, home office, grow room, milk house?!?! confounding. i googled it and everthang. it's on the corner of claremont and vicente under the 24 and i love the ironwork, woodsiding, and milky windows. the flat dandelions are my fave (ok, maybe they're not tampopo related at all, but they are fun little spankers). the sign on the door says "appointment only-deliveries and pickups in the back." maybe one day i will peer into "the back" and see if there is any sign or person that could point me to the inner-workings of said edifice. till then, any notions?

Monday, August 6, 2007


crab pincers point to thanks. yes, thanks to you, to you and to you!


binder holes, hang tabs, flat storage. isaac reina te quiero! amazingly simple designs, but the detailing is fastidious. mmmmm

knit beauties

emma mccorquodale. swoon
ces sont incroyable, non? wow, so beautiful, i love how she has these delicate pieces that still manage to keep the wearer tied down. check out the headwear. be still my heart.

cactus garden

cactus garden makes my heart smile. i hope the mushroom forest and cactus garden form a symbiotic relationship. i think the arid desert doesn't usually promote fungi growth. nor is the damp underleaf amiable toward cactus roots... some sort of diversity mantra might be in order.

get to work!

now that i have some business cards, maybe i can start working. was pretty awesome getting to spend those days in the print shop. i did some rice prints that i love but the pics are difficult to read, so if someone wants to see them, come over!


so i was helping out miss hansel from basel at the sfigf last weekend and met teri dimalanta. hannah was talking her up even before i met this wunderfraulein. one day i stumbled upon teri's hairclips in berkeley and was oohing and ahhing to the bf about them. they're felted, colorful, and simply adorable. she has a fruit series, some animals and flowers. i hella heart and am aching for the baby beluga.
allora, i met teri in her fantastic jumper and found out she is the designer of said giddy giddy fun clips and also started a children's bedding line called kuku nest. check them out!

under pressure

a cactus series inspired from the cactus garden the lil hippo gave me for my bday!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

festa in giardino

garden party was super fun! these were lil' impromptu posters for the party!

press it out

some lil' snippets of my obsession. more printing, less typeface to come. can't wait for this weekend when i get to see mr and mrs vandercook again!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


willie just forwarded this link to me and i suggest you follow it. cebu prisoners doing a choreographed dance routine to thriller? maybe it's just the pinoy boys doing their thing, but damn, 1500 deep! INGENIUS!! there's also a clip of a shanghainese local...maybe some of you know him? MC Qianqiang...anyone? i think if the armed guard were armed with this knowledge, the world would be a safer place indeed. talk about mobilizing!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

snip snip

peter callesen, WOW! these ain't no snowflakes. i love the river piece. rowrowrow.

il mio nuovo amore

hey look, i started a letterpress class with thea sizemore at cca yesterday. yay, i am in love! i might have found my new calling, FOR REAL! this is just a proof print, that's why the ink isn't saturated evenly.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bearded sailors

i was on etsy and found ashley goldberg's shop. i love this seafarer's's like a japanese fan print. when we were in koh samui, a group of us stopped in the drunken sailor and did we spend 4 hours telling pirate jokes? ...i think so...
ashley's blog is

Monday, July 16, 2007

tom dixon

copper anything i say most probably. copper uplights, i say YES!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


my velos were stolen. and tools. so pissed. happy birthday to ME!! yeah, so spot and i were about to go ride bikes when we looked to the garage and the door was open. 4 bikes, my toolbag, sawzall, pooooooo on you thieves! luckily most of my japanese tools were camouflaged in a box of wood. phew!!! thanks goodness for that. rapscallions, i tell you they're all around us. grrr

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


yay, little bugga waited for me to get home before it toppled over! these blooms always amaze me, they are enormous!!! what a fantastic bday gift miss amaryllis.

Monday, June 25, 2007


shabooboo, i think i'm going to be gone when this mug busts open...poopers!!! maybe it'll wait for my return to collapse its petals. this is my hope.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

three yellow beans

i think i picked two of them too early...

three yellow beans,
three yellow beans,
see how they taste,
see how they taste...

up, up, up

Saturday, June 23, 2007

they're growing

yes yes yes, of course they're growing, but isn't it super exciting to see them
g r O W!?!
the lettuces have graced 2 meals already. they're medium bodied, mild flavored, with a slight crunch. can't wait for the tomatoes...though it would appear as though the birds are curious too and have been pecking at the little growths. shoo birds, eat your own food!