Saturday, April 28, 2007

best of sf

i haven't perused the entire list, but mi amiga deanna gibbons is featured here. she's a fantastic milliner and the other day hans, spot and i visited her studio where ginny and her were working and it is so inspiring. beautiful hats, all the hat forms lined up on the back wall, sewing machines, findings, and just great energy. congrats to hannah who just got an order from barney's! spot and i tried on a myriad of hats while deanna and hannah chatted about business. check out the list:

holdin' it together

i got screwed. yep, that's my hand, palm up.
isn't it amazing what a couple of teensy pieces of metal can do?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

hooking up

so i'm sure it's juju's influence, but aren't hooks fantastic? i love how no extra hardware is required, no folding, no lumpy messes on the floor. these hooks from inno are the best. i've been contemplating coat rack ideas for awhile now and these have no footprint, err, i mean tree trunk. love love love

blackboard paint

so i was at john and usanee's and they have painted the table with blackboard paint! i hope putting plates on it doesn't mar the surface, but it looks great!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

big kitty

amy amy amy. =


la tavola is home with love and help from spot, dwood and brauder. the sanguine remnants were verboten from removal but luckily they're hidden from squeamish diners.


hbuns just tipped me to this beautiful site
i hella heart the heart leaves in barcelona book 3, check them out.


la tavola is home with love and help from spot, dwood and brauder. they insisted that the sanguine remnants not be removed; luckily they are not visible to the faint-hearted diner. next task: benches...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

banh mi anybody?

ecco vinh's "silent h"
next time you're in billyburg, check it out. can you see the secret heart i gave him in the stencil? prolly not, it's very small and not such a secret anymo'. before i was thinking a host of smaller framed b&w's would fit the block, but the scale of the big mama is perfect vino!

Monday, April 9, 2007

shelving it

so i finally got pics of the walnut bookshelves i made last year. thanks lance & kipp!