Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the lil' book

alright, some pics to check the libretto that is somewhere hopefully in america. it will be found. IT WILL! you can see more pics on my flickr, there's a link down below: i miei fotos.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

beach blanket exodus

wow, imagine picnicing at your fave sandy spot and an army of these monsters show up...i know the can sense water and dunes...what about other life forms? theo jansen is a dutch artist creating these huge kinetic beach creatures. check out videos!

poke your eyes out

shanna leino makes these amazing tools, both steel and bone. frank was kind enough to introduce them to me and boy was i grateful. i love her dots, check the double ended awls. those puppies be SHARP!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


so i know d*s just posted on erin tyner, but i ran into these prints and loved 'em. the trees look like deer gambes. makes me want to make all sorts of scenes in boxes. in other diorama news, i get to make more trees! these'll be headed to new orleans and hopefully i can help put them in their places. next week i'll be working at the steinhart and i'm excited to peek my head around!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

food glorious food

so there, some pics from the ole' confederacy. what an adventure, bama was filled with towns that seemed trapped in their civil rights shackles and didn't know how to move forward. selma, montgomery, rural central bama was filled with empty storefronts, water towers, and hardly any pedestrians. the peeps we met were super nice, we even holed up in a mexican restaurant that had folk singing country songs on their karaoke setup. it was quite the hit establishment in greensboro. we heard a lecture at rural studios by michael berk that was pretty neat. he is working on housing alternatives for post katrina folk that's cheap, fast, and green. that was the night before the storm. rain was colliding down, wind was whipping. i was half expecting the car to be on the other side of the field with the cows that morning. luckily we were all safe in newbern. allora, the pics are there, lots of eats, cuz you know i can't have an empty stomach or mama gets crazy!

the dirty dirty nc, sc, atl, bama